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Maniita Lacitta is a brand specializing in wholesale cat-print clothing, blending unique style and quality with affordability. They cater to a diverse audience, offering trendy and artistic designs that appeal to cat lovers worldwide.


Partnership Opportunities

Maniita Lacitta seeks to collaborate with both online and offline retailers. Interested partners must meet specific criteria, including an established retail presence and a minimum opening order of €1000. The brand carefully coordinates partnerships based on country and region, ensuring a well-organized distribution network.

Minimum Order Requirements

For wholesale purchases, the minimum order quantity is set at 50 units. This ensures that retailers can stock sufficient merchandise to meet customer demand while benefiting from wholesale pricing. This policy helps maintain a balanced inventory for retailers, preventing stockouts and overstock situations.

Tax and VAT Management

Maniita Lacitta facilitates international transactions by automatically deducting VAT for registered companies. This seamless integration simplifies the purchasing process for businesses, making it easier for them to comply with local tax regulations. The platform’s user-friendly approach to tax management enhances the overall shopping experience for wholesale buyers.

Diverse Collection

The collection from Maniita Lacitta includes categories for women, men, and children. Each piece is meticulously crafted to showcase artistic cat prints that cater to various fashion tastes. The brand is also committed to sustainability, offering items made from recycled plastic fleece. This eco-friendly approach not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also aligns with global sustainability trends.

Wholesale Regulations

The wholesale process at Maniita Lacitta is governed by clear and transparent regulations. Detailed guidelines are provided on their website, ensuring that potential wholesale buyers are well-informed about the terms and conditions. This transparency fosters trust and reliability, making it easier for new partners to engage with the brand.

Customer Support and Contact

Maniita Lacitta prides itself on responsive and helpful customer service. For any inquiries, customers can reach out via the provided email address. The brand ensures that all questions and concerns are promptly addressed, reflecting their commitment to excellent customer support.

Additional Benefits

By signing up on the Maniita Lacitta website, customers gain access to exclusive offers, including a significant discount on their first purchase. This incentive encourages new customers to explore the brand’s offerings and experience the quality of their products. Additionally, wholesale partners benefit from ongoing promotions and special deals, enhancing their purchasing power.


Maniita Lacitta presents a compelling option for retailers looking to stock unique and fashionable cat-print clothing. With a straightforward wholesale process, clear regulations, and excellent customer support, the brand stands out as a reliable partner for businesses worldwide. Retailers interested in offering trendy and high-quality cat-print apparel will find Maniita Lacitta an excellent addition to their product lineup.

For more information and to apply for a wholesale partnership, visit the Maniita Lacitta Wholesale page.




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